Master Brewer


Art. Science. Creativity. Passion.

These are words used to describe Adam Frantz’s drive to design award winning beer. Hailing from a small farm in rural Vermont, Adam brings with him a respect for hard work, artisan craftsmanship, and a degree in biology that keeps him focused on the science of his craft.

Home brews to world brews.

He started as an award winning homebrewer specializing in brewing double IPA’s and farmhouse style ales. He spent 13 months travelling around the world and returned with a drive to experiment with exotic ingredients like Mayan cocoa nibs, Nubian mint, and Bolivian coca leaves. A stop in Belgium brought enlightenment in the form of Trappist ales and traditional Belgian brewing practices, as well as inspiring him to start experimenting with sours.

Known as a Meticulous Researcher.Adam_Brewhouse

Adam landed in Seattle where he brewed for Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company helping them to create new recipes and pioneer a barrel aging program. He approaches creating new beer recipes with an experimental spirit and an affinity for seasonality. He is known as a meticulous researcher, attentive to the finest of details, as he strives to produce distinctive, sought after beers that express a variety of flavors. Adam says that he likes to tell a story with every beer he crafts, one that gives meaning to each ingredient chosen, resulting in a beer that will translate perfectly to your palate.

Life Outside.

When he is not working on his next creation, you may find him at the beach turning over rocks with his 2 year old son, Mateo, or out in the woods exploring Washington’s backcountry.    

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