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America is a country built on tradition and defiance.

At American Brewing, we pour a little bit of this heritage into each one of our meticulously crafted beers.

We honor our fore-brewers by heeding their lessons of technique and style.

However, innovation allows us to stand apart.

We enjoy taking classic styles and giving them a twist, using science and inspiration as our guides.  

There is a revolution afoot and we are crafting it pint by pint.

Join us in the charge and drink on the right side of history.

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American Brewing Company

180 West Dayton Street, Edmonds, Washington 98020, United States

(425) 774-1717


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3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Monday - Thursday: 3 pm - 9 pm

Friday:  3 pm - 10 pm

Saturday: 1 pm - 9 pm

Sunday: 1 pm - 7 pm

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